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Thank you very much for visiting us at Dreamcatcher Ranch.  We are a small family-owned ranch in the plains of North Texas, just 45 minutes south of the Oklahoma border.  Dreamcatcher Ranch is not just family-owned, its family operated.

We purchased our first 3 longhorn cows in 2012 and have steadily increased our herd since that time. We strive for correct and balanced animals and have leveraged some of the best genetics in the industry to help us jump start our program.     

Respect and integrity are the foundation blocks of our lives and home and we honor those principles with every endeavor.  We are committed to upholding the standards as established by the founders of this great breed for future generations.  We believe in the customs of our parents and grandparents; a handshake and a gentlemen’s agreement is as good as any contract. We often whittle a day away watching these majestic animals in the pasture and invite you to join us for some whittle time.  Or if you just feel like talking cows, we love to do that too, please give us a ring.

We are so pleased and grateful that you stopped by and commit to keeping our site fresh in hopes that you come back often.

Until our paths shall meet…..

-Graciously living our dream



Debbie Witham
4125 CR 2690
Alvord, TX 76225

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